Story Behind SAM

In the words of Vasantha Kumar Petta

Back in 2003 during summer time I attended a church with few other friends who are believers at Kukatpally village, Hyderabad, India. The pastor of that church, a friend, is an alumnus of our Engineering college. After church he started sharing about what it takes to become a fulltime minister for the sake of the gospel of Kingdom of God. He explained to us the struggles he was going through in the finances and also shared few stories about other men of God who were struggling even to meet daily financial needs. These stories were about young and dynamic and men of God who were passionately going to remote villages for the preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom of God forced to discontinue their ministry unable to meet even their basic needs like a square meal a day. I was completely into the discussion and I felt like God stirring up my heart at that very moment inspiring me to help at least a few of such men of God. I was unemployed at that time, and was trying to make ends meet and though inspired, didn’t have an idea on how to accomplish it. But I remember praying instantly in my heart like this: “LORD Jesus, if you give me money I am willing to reach out and help them.” Then I asked my friend the pastor as to the areas and cost involved in supporting these passionate men of God and the ministry that God wants them to do. He replied that, if I can just buy them a rice bag, pay their home and church’s electricity bill, recharge their mobile phone, pay for their gas bill, pay their small house and church premises rental, they would focus on the spreading of the gospel. They don’t expect luxuries but just the very basic needs in villages and these costs very little even today.

In January 2004, I got married to my beautiful wife Rajakumari and shared this burden that God put in my heart with her. We both came to an agreement to identify, reach out and partner with one village pastor in Kingdom work. In early 2004 God crossed our ways with a pastor named Sanjeev Timothy, who just started his ministry in remote village called Thummikapalli which is about 40 km from Vishakhapatnam, A.P. Since then we partnered with him for Kingdom gospel work in and around Thummikapalli village. During years 2008 to 2016, God also gave us an opportunity to partner with three more men of God who started their ministry empty handed and got established now. Our goal is to partner with men of God who were in early stages of their Gods given ministry in villages. Our partnership is in terms of financial support modelled after II Corinthians 8 & 9 chapters: for sharing the gospel via street evangelism, for conducting gospel meetings and for following up those who repented and accepted JESUS as their LORD and SAVIOR (according to Acts 2:37-47, Romans 10:9-15 & Ephesians 2:1-10). In some cases, we contribute maximum up to 50% expenses in church construction & establishment based on the need in certain villages. When those men of God who we are partnered with us are established and can sustain themselves without any financial help from us we discontinue the partnership in love and move on to new partners.

In year 2013 we moved to Hillsboro, OR, U.S.A and started praying about reaching out to more villages by partnering with men of God who are already working in villages and remote places across the world. In this process LORD gave me and my wife a revelation through Isaiah 61 chapter that we have the same anointing like JESUS Christ of Nazareth has when we were born in to HIS Kingdom in order to preach good news of Kingdom, to bind up broken hearted and to proclaim liberty to captives. This is how our LORD and GOD JESUS gave me and my wife a mission & vision to start “Spirit Anointed Mission”. In this journey God used our pastor Paul Kiran Anna, who prophesied about all that happened in our lives since 2004. Also God in HIS will connected us to Pastor Sudhanand & Monica family and Bro Rishi & Udaya family in Hillsboro, OR. God brought all of us in unity and agreement to be the founding board of directors of “Spirit Anointed Mission”, and to start it on Jan 31st 2017. Through “Spirit Anointed Mission”, our goal is to continue what we are doing already in a bigger way, i.e to reach out to more villages and share the good news of Kingdom Gospel of JESUS by partnering with men of God who are reaching out to remote villages and also to focus on other aspects of Isaiah 61.